Meet Amanda Batty

Hi everyone. I'm Amanda Batty – the 25-year-old powerhouse from Charlotte, NC. I'm the living, breathing embodiment of strength and determination. After all, who else would have the drive to lift heavy weights and work as a mover in Charlotte at A Plus Moving company at 5′ 6″ tall? It takes a lot of dedication, which is something that I bring with me to everything I do.

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Growing Up With Pets

I was born in Charlotte and raised there by my family. But not just any family. They owned a pet store so it’s no wonder that today I'm an animal lover! Since I was a child, I moved furniture around the store which was no easy feat. This gave me an appreciation for hard work and dedication to get things done.

College Success

When I went off to college it was only natural that I found myself helping move people into their dorms or apartments while making some extra money on the side. As time went on, I increased my skillset so much that A Plus Moving came knocking on my door last year offering me an opportunity to join their team as a long-distance mover.

Leveraging Strengths

Due to my hard work ethic and stellar moving abilities, A Plus Moving quickly saw what an asset I was for them and eventually promoted me to be one of their lead movers in Charlotte! Now with more than 5 years of experience in the industry under my belt, when you need something moved expertise is just at your fingertips by calling me!

Why Do I Work As a Mover?

I'm a proud feminist and an advocate for women in the moving industry. I believe that women have just as much capability and strength as men, if not more. And because of her experience in the moving industry, I have seen firsthand how valuable women can be.

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Women face unique challenges in the workforce, including a lack of recognition or access to resources and training. I hope to change this narrative by showing that women can do everything men can do when it comes to lifting, carrying and transporting large items. With my example, I hope to encourage other women to break out of traditional gender roles and explore what they are truly capable of.
I strongly believe that if given the opportunity, women can become powerful movers with the same capabilities as men. With my passion for equality and dedication to making sure all voices are heard, I am a prime example of why we need more female movers in our world today.

I'm Going to Create My Own Moving Company

After years of working in the moving industry, I have decided to take the plunge and open my own moving company. I am determined to offer superior service with competitive rates so that individuals, families and businesses alike can experience quality moving services that they can depend on.
Customer service is a key priority for me when it comes to running her business. I’d like my team to provide customers with an effortless experience featuring courteous movers who are always on time, as well as affordable pricing with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises at the end of their move. On top of this, I pledge to give back to the community by donating 5% of sales proceeds to local charity organizations each month, including a feminist foundation in Charlotte.
My goal is to become one of the leading names in professional moving and storage services throughout North America—and I'm more than ready to get started! So don’t hesitate: move with me!

You can contact me via WhatsApp: +1 704-802-1379 or Facebook: https://facebook.com/amanda.batty.mover

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